Based on the memoirs in Spanish of Concepcion Herrera Vda. de Umali Translated into English by Concepcion Umali-Stuart

Revolutionary Routes is about uncharted maps. About characters that find paths to self-preservation where there aren't any, about the roads a family took to survive through volatile historical times. It is memoir reconfigured, where the personal is historical yet no one's made into a hero, where heroism is about finding community in times of revolt and revolution. It is the anti-memoir, where the personal can only be political, can only be about nation, where there is daring to face painful truths about family and act on the dream of freedom. Revolutionary Routes is past as it is present, still.

The Author

Angela Stuart-Santiago studied psychology in college, learned astrology on her own, and continues to dive headlong into new kinds of writing, from blogging to a first (anti-)memoir based on her grandmother's original in Spanish. Her body of work spans diverse media and concerns: showbiz reviews, children's television, sustainable development publications and videos, theater adaptations, and political commentary.

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Foreword by Reynaldo C. Ileto

Revolutionary Routes is more than a family history across four generations. Author Angela Stuart Santiago has deftly woven together the memoirs, clippings, correspondence and other traces of her family's past into a microhistory that spans the late 19th century up to the 1950s. While this book is rooted in the specific experiences of a family that lived in Tiaong and its adjoining towns in southwestern Tayabas (now Quezon) province, it also tells us much, from the ground up, about everyday life in the countryside under the shadow of successive imperial and national regimes. This book can also be read as a modern history of the Philippines.

What Others Are Saying

"REVOLUTIONARY ROUTES is a must-read for those interested not only in the social history of Tayabas but of a feudal/colonial country marked by oligarchic and patronage politics - focused on five gripping stories of individuals representative of a class society. The book is creative non-fiction at its best."

literary critic and academic

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01 | Paula

The Peasant


02 | Isidro

The Revolutionary


03 | Tomas

The Lawyer


04 | Crisostomo

The Guerilla


05 | Narciso

The Congressman


Cover Design & 'Elias' Illustration: Mervin Malonzo
Book Design & Map Illustrations: Adam David