The Author

Angela Stuart-Santiago studied psychology in college, learned astrology on her own, and continues to dive headlong into new kinds of writing, from blogging to a first (anti-)memoir based on her grandmother’s original in Spanish. Her body of work spans diverse media and concerns: showbiz reviews, children’s television, sustainable development publications and videos, theater adaptations, and political commentary.

Her research and criticism of the 1986 EDSA Revolution in two books -- Chronology of a Revolution 1986 (1996) and Himagsikan Sa EDSA - Walang Himala! (2000), both published by the Foundation for World Wide People Power (FWWPP) -- have become the central and definitive texts on the four-day people power uprising.

Angela's writing cuts across Filipino and English, even as she believes there is correct Taglish. Her Tagalog comes from family roots in Imus Cavite and Tiaong Quezon, her political consciousness borne of her parents’ involvement in nation as citizens. She brings to her writing a sense of rethinking and rebellion against existing status quos, which her intellectual awakening to post-hippie New Age thought in the 70s and 80s in Manila might take credit for.

She lives in the Mandaluyong compound her Lola Concha gave the family, and dreams of weekends at home in the Elias house in Tiaong Quezon.

Cover Design & 'Elias' Illustration: Mervin Malonzo
Book Design & Map Illustrations: Adam David